Symposium in New Brunswick, May 2019

I am giving a workshop in New Brunswick in May entailing three different segments - first I will be working with the teachers around the sensitivity and empathy that is required to mentor young musicians. Then I will work with students, amateurs and professional musicians around the psychological awareness that is needed for a healthy performing life. The third segment is going to be a master class entering on body awareness and healthy mindful and cognitive practices to help bring confidence and flow on stage. Here is a brief description of each of these segments of the workshop.

Teaching with Awareness, Sensitivity, Ethics and Empathy: Teaching music to a young burgeoning musician is exquisitely complex. In this workshop we will explore the elements of mentoring that are essential to support the growth of a student so that they may learn, progress and flourish. Let us gather to begin the discussion of the challenges and the joys of this important profession.

The Embodied Musician: With elite athletes it is commonplace to work with a sports psychologist. Musicians are now beginning to recognize that their mental and physical health is as important as the hours put into practicing their instrument. The Embodied Musician offers a comprehensive set of tools, practices and information to explore a variety of psychological and physical aspects of performance practice.

Individual coaching sessions with Paula Wise will allow you to go deeper into the process of discovering what are the hidden blocks, specifically for you, to performing with joy and confidence. When we discover the origins of what is holding us back, we can then begin to experiment with new attitudes and beliefs that can offer us more choice and freedom in our lives and on stage. Paula’s experience as a performance coach, professional violinist and a psychotherapist is a rare opportunity to work with someone who truly understands the demands and stresses of a musicians’ life and work.

Testimonial for this Workshop

"I have been incredibly lucky to work with Paula Wise for the past two years, both in private sessions and as a participant in her group workshops. Paula has helped me discover my personal blocks as a performer and has guided me through the process of understanding my own performance anxiety. She has provided me with many tools that are now part of my performance routine and preparation. Her unique synthesis of the professional musician, music teacher, and therapeutic professions creates the perfect combination for guiding musicians, teachers, and students toward a path of artistic freedom and self-discovery.

Paula's four-day visit to Moncton is a rare chance to hear her engaging and fascinating work in the area of Music Performance Anxiety. I encourage musicians, teachers, and students to attend Paula's workshop presentations on May 25th. Furthermore, I urge anyone interested in a personal exploration of their own artistic journey to schedule a private session with Paula during her visit to Moncton.” - Emily